3 min read

How To Cope With Organisational Change

Change. We all like to think of ourselves as welcoming new and better things, places, and possessions, but when it’s something new, and organisational change, that’s going to involve how we behave, what we do, how we do it when […]

4 min read

Why Hire a Freelance Copywriter Discuss Pros and Cons

Your goal is to keep costs down and increase revenue. Your business depends on achieving that goal. So why go to the expense of hiring a freelance copywriter when you can write what you want to say yourself? Are there […]

5 min read

21 Reasons Why Twitter Is Not Good

I’ve been watching, bewildered, for a while now as Twitter continues to grow in popularity as a social media platform. I signed up a few months ago, even bothering to add the Tweet box to the side of this blog, […]

8 min read

Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide SEO – Analysis and Analytics

What is SEO SEO is an abbreviated term for search engine optimisation and website analysis that basically encompasses various methodologies for helping website page content achieve higher ranking positions within a search engine listing for certain key search phrases. Relative […]

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UK Blogger Launched For Readers

Greetings, We have started this blog to write on topics related to the United Kingdom, British people, and Britain history. I will be posting the best posts on my blog referring to the following UK topics finance, marketing, technology, sales, […]