Why Hire a Freelance Copywriter Discuss Pros and Cons

Content Writing

Your goal is to keep costs down and increase revenue. Your business depends on achieving that goal. So why go to the expense of hiring a freelance copywriter when you can write what you want to say yourself? Are there capable people in your team who can write?

The answer to the question in some way lies in the question itself. You’re in business to provide a product or service because you believe you can do it better than a DIYer (pronounced-why-i-er).

What will a freelance copywriter or blog writer bring to the table, so the benefit of using them is greater than the cost?

The analogy I like to use is that of a dentist or dental hygienist. They both work on your teeth. The dentist does the extraction, and the hygienist cleans your teeth deeply.

You can do both and save yourself a bucketful of money. Extracting your teeth yourself will bring even more pain and suffering than the dentist doing the extraction, and you just won’t have the tools to clean your teeth deeply.

Turn to the copywriter. The copywriter is not frightened of the blank sheet of paper. They relieve you of the pain and suffering in trying to convey your message to persuade your audience to take some action or keep them informed. They extract from you and your stakeholders the right message you want to convey, the tone of voice, and the right words. They can clean up an existing copy to make it sound crisp, clear and persuasive.

A good freelance copywriter can craft content about even obscure topics. While it’s relatively easy to decide you need to publish a written piece about a feature of your product or service, it’s another to construct a search engine optimized (SEO) piece.

Have you got the time?

Time. A valuable commodity you want to spend wisely. There will be a dozen things you could be doing than wondering how to fill a blank sheet of paper with words that motivate your audience to action.

Take the example of washing your car; you will most likely take it to the car wash and get one car wash team found in supermarkets to wash it. You could do a perfect job yourself, but it would take you much longer and mean doing something you find a chore and not doing something you could enjoy or of a higher priority.

Writing to get found.

Writing for the web is very different to writing for print. You control the distribution of your written materials to a large extent. Your single post or article competes with millions of similar posts or articles on the web.
Good copywriters create content showing off your products or service, and they know the absence of keywords in your web content piece means it’s unlikely to get in the Google or Yahoo search results. Conversely, too liberal use of keywords makes the written piece unreadable and will still fail to appear in search results.
A skilled SEO copywriter strikes a balance that satisfies both sets of requirements to improve search engine ranking and compel visitors to engage with you.
Ok, you’re convinced hiring a freelance copywriter is the way to go. But how do you choose from the hundreds of copywriters bidding for your business? Look at examples of their work. What is their approach to displaying your product or service on the top two pages of Google or Yahoo? Can you see yourself working with the copywriter? How will they react to criticism and having to do rewrites?
At Content Shop, we set out to boost your search engine rankings and compel visitors to engage with you for the web content we create. Our work for print will engage your audience and get them to take the action you want.
The question of outsourcing content writing or doing it in-house by staff has its own Pros and Cons.